Rs 250 Riscount – A2Z Bazar

Rs 250 Riscount – A2Z Bazar

Experience the joy of online shopping with The A2Z Online Bazar, Pay your bill through MyPay and avail an incredible 10% discount, up to Rs 250, on your purchase. This exciting offer is available from July 2nd to November 16th, giving you the perfect opportunity to indulge in a mega shopping spree at The A2Z Online Bazaar with amazing discounts.

The A2Z Online Bazaar offers a wide array of products, from electronics to fashion, providing you with a one-stop shopping destination. And with MyPay, your online shopping experience becomes even more rewarding.

10% Discount Upto Rs 250:

Explore a vast selection of products at The A2Z Online Bazar and enjoy a fabulous 10% discount on your purchase, with a maximum discount of up to Rs 250 during the offer period. From the latest gadgets to trendy apparel, shop till you drop and save big with MyPay.

Here’s how you can make the most of this Mega Shopping Bonanza:

Step 1: Visit The A2Z Online Bazaar website or app and browse through their extensive range of products.
Step 2: Add your desired items to the cart and proceed to checkout.
Step 3: Pay through MyPay to avail of the 10% discount, up to Rs 250, and relish the incredible savings on your shopping.

With The A2Z Online Bazaar and MyPay, you can shop conveniently from the comfort of your home while enjoying amazing discounts.

Don’t miss this Mega Shopping Bonanza, Treat yourself and your loved ones to a delightful shopping experience at The A2Z Online Bazar with MyPay.

Terms and conditions apply. Offer valid from July 2nd to November 16th(Ashar 17 to Kartik 30). The 10% discount, up to Rs 250, is applicable on purchases at The A2Z Online Bazar when you pay through MyPay.

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