Introducing Exciting New Services on MyPay Digital Wallet!

In our continuous effort to enhance your digital payment experience, we are thrilled to announce the addition of several new services to the MyPay Digital Wallet platform. From convenient electricity payments to seamless credit card top-ups, and even tourist bus ticketing, we're expanding our offerings to better serve your diverse needs. Join us as we explore these exciting new services and how they can simplify your life.

1. Community Electricity Payment:

Description: With our new Community Electricity Payment service, residents can now conveniently pay their electricity bills directly through the MyPay Digital Wallet.

Benefits: Eliminates the hassle of standing in long queues or dealing with multiple payment channels. Residents can easily track and manage their electricity bills from the comfort of their homes.

How It Works: Simply log in to your MyPay account, select the Community Electricity Payment option, enter your bill details, and proceed with the payment. It's that easy!

2. Pay Via Credit/Debit Card in Top-Up:

Description: We understand the importance of flexibility when it comes to topping up your digital wallet. With our latest feature, users can now add funds to their MyPay wallet using their credit cards.

Benefits: Offers added convenience for users who prefer using credit cards for transactions. Provides a seamless top-up experience without the need for additional bank transfers.

How It Works: Navigate to the Top-Up section of the MyPay app, choose the desired amount to top up, select the Pay via Credit Card option, enter your card details, and proceed with the payment.

3. Tourist Bus Ticketing:

Description: Planning a trip has never been easier with our Tourist Bus Ticketing service. Users can now book bus tickets for popular tourist destinations directly through the MyPay Digital Wallet.

Benefits: Streamlines the travel booking process by offering a one-stop solution for bus ticket reservations. Provides access to a wide range of routes and schedules, catering to diverse travel preferences.

How It Works: Access the Bus Ticketing feature on the MyPay app, browse available routes, select your desired destination and travel dates, and proceed to book your tickets securely.

4. NT Fiber:

Description: Stay connected with high-speed internet services from Nepal Telecom (NT) Fiber, now available for subscription through the MyPay Digital Wallet.

Benefits: Offers users a convenient platform to sign up for NT Fiber internet plans without the need to visit physical stores or deal with paperwork. Enables seamless online payments for subscription fees.

How It Works: Navigate to the internet section within the MyPay app, select NT FTTH & your preferred internet plan, provide necessary details, and complete the subscription process with a few simple clicks.

5. Dishhome FTTH:

Description: Enjoy a wide range of digital TV and internet services with Dishhome Fiber-To-The-Home (FTTH), now accessible through the MyPay Digital Wallet.

Benefits: Provides users with the flexibility to subscribe to Dishhome FTTH packages conveniently from their smartphones. Offers secure online payments for subscription fees and additional services.

How It Works: Access the internet section on the MyPay app, select Dishhome FTTH & choose your desired package, customize your plan options, and finalize your subscription with ease.


With the addition of these new services, we are dedicated to further enhancing your digital payment experience on the MyPay Digital Wallet platform. Whether it's paying bills, booking travel tickets, or subscribing to internet services, we're committed to providing you with convenient and secure solutions for all your financial needs. Thank you for choosing MyPay as your trusted digital payment partner!

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