MyPay's Exclusive Offer: Zero Service Charge on Government Services

Are you tired of waiting in long lines and paying extra fees to settle government payments? Here's some good news. MyPay Digital Wallet is making things easier and cheaper for you. This is your chance to say goodbye to service charges on all your government transactions with MyPay.

That's right, from renewing your passport to paying traffic fines, you can now handle everything through the MyPay app without any additional fees.

Here’s our Available Government Services:

As a reminder, MyPay is your one-stop shop for all your government needs. You can use the app to:

  1. Company Registrar's Office: Simplify your business transactions with hassle-free access to the Company Registrar's Office.
  2. DOFE (Department of Foreign Employment): Secure your foreign employment work permit with ease through MyPay.
  3. Financial Comptroller General Office: Manage government-related financial transactions seamlessly with MyPay's access to the Financial Comptroller General Office.
  4. Inland Revenue Department: Solve your tax-related matters directly from your MyPay Wallet app.
  5. Loksewa: Apply for government jobs in Nepal effortlessly and pay through MyPay.
  6. NOC (No Objection Certificate): Obtain your NOC hassle-free with MyPay's simple process.
  7. Passport: Simplify the passport application and renewal process with MyPay's passport services.
  8. Social Security Fund: Access social security benefits and services conveniently through MyPay.
  9. Traffic Fine: Pay your traffic fines swiftly and conveniently using MyPay, without any service charges.

Why use Mypay Mobile Wallet?

MyPay makes it easier and cheaper than ever to handle your government stuff. No more waiting in endless queues, filling out mountains of forms, or getting hit with surprise fees. MyPay puts you in control, letting you handle everything with your phone in a few clicks.

Empowering you is our mission and here at MyPay, we want to make dealing with the government simple. That's why we offer zero service charges on all government services. This means you can manage your payments and stay on top of your responsibilities without any extra trouble or hidden costs.

So, leave your frustration behind and download the MyPay app today. Experience the convenience of seamless government transactions, without breaking the bank.

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