How to Pay Tax using MyPay Wallet?

How do I pay for tax from my phone? Is this the question that is troubling you these days?  The simplification in everything else has made you look for this question as well, then you are in the right place. In this blog today, we will teach you how to pay tax using MyPay Mobile wallet.

As you already know, Tax is a contribution of money paid by people and businesses to the government, and in return uses that money to develop and make the place better for everyone who is living there. Now let's get right into it:

Steps to Pay your tax with MyPay?

To solve the problem of how to pay tax online in Nepal via MyPay, take the following steps:

1.    Download the MyPay app from the ‘Play Store’ or ‘App Store’, If you don’t have the app.
2.    Create an Account and log in.
3.    In the dashboard click on the ‘Government Services’ icon and click.
4.    Click on “Inland Revenue Department”.
5.    Enter your ‘EPB number (generated transaction code)’ then input the amount you want to pay and click ‘Get Details’
6.    Recheck your information and press ‘Confirm’.

Now, that you have paid your tax you can relax.

Why should you hurry to pay tax?

As the fiscal year-end is approaching, this is the time to clear all your due and be a responsible citizen. Protect yourself from getting fined, hurry up, and clear your tax through your MyPay wallet without any extra charges.
MyPay offers government services through the touch of a phone and without any extra charges. The offer for no extra charges remains for a short duration so, hurry up and do it now and Pay tax online.

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