Get 2% Cashback on Your Television Payments with MyPay.

You don’t want to pay your TV bill without any extra benefits? The time has come for a smarter, more rewarding method of paying your bills. Introducing Mypay, the ultimate payment service that simplifies bill payments and rewards you with 2% cashback on your favorite TV services. you’d like to say goodbye to boring payments of bills and hello to a world filled with savings and excitement with MyPay.

MyPay: Your Pathway to Hassle-free Television Bill Payments

The days when you were left frustrated by complicated payment processes have long since passed. MyPay allows you to settle your television bill instantly by clicking on a couple of buttons, which will make the experience easy and stress-free. You can take your payments at home from the comfort of your own residence, instead of standing in long queues or running out to get a payment center.

Earn 2% Cashback with Every Payment

Now we’ve got the most wonderful part of it! You can receive up to 2 % cashback on the amount of your bill if you pay for television services using MyPay from a select list of providers, such as Dish Home, Mero TV, SIM TV, Clear TV, Prabhu TV, Max TV, P&G Network TV, and Jagriti TV. You’d have the perfect opportunity to watch your favorite TV and movie while also saving on bills, which would be a win for both parties.

How Does It Work?

Using MyPay to avail of the 2% cashback is as easy as ABC. Follow these simple steps:

  1. Open the MyPay application and click on the television payment.
  2. Select your preferred television service provider from our list of partners.
  3. Fill up the information about your television bill payment such that Customer ID/Subscriber ID/CAS ID, Amount, and other necessary details.
  4. Make the payment using MyPay.
  5. Enjoy the entertainment you love while earning cashback on your payment.

If you encounter any issues related to the payment of your TV bill, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our customer support team. They are readily available to assist you. For demonstration purposes, here is some contact information you can use: 

MyPay Toll-free Number: 1660 – 01 – 62000
Phone: 01-5907481/01-5907482/01-5970139
Email: [email protected]
Visit contact us page
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More Than Just Bill Payments: MyPay Coins and Rewards

Whenever you pay the bill of your Television you will get cashback of up to 2 % here is the details list of our cashback.

ParticularCashBackMyPay coinsTotals
Dish Home1%1%2%
Mero TV1%1%2%
SIM TV1%1%2%
Clear TV0%1%1 %
Prabhu TV1%1%2%
Max TV1%1%2%
P&G Network TV1%1%2%
Jagriti TV1%1%2%

Now take advantage of this cashback offer at your earliest convenience, as it may be subject to change in the near future. Our top priority is to ensure customer satisfaction and provide them with the opportunity to enjoy their preferred activities. You can receive cashback on every payment made.

Join the MyPay Community Today

We’re offering you the opportunity to make your TV bill payments a pleasant and rewarding experience. Today you can unlock the power of savings through up to 2 % cashback on television payments by joining the MyPay community.

Whether you’re a TV enthusiast, a movie buff, or a sports fanatic, MyPay is here to enhance your entertainment journey while putting money back in your pocket. It’s time to elevate your TV experience – start using MyPay and make every bill payment count.