जति धेरै कारोबार, त्यति धेरै Return

Do your KYC verification as soon as possible if you haven't already. MyPay introduces a new offer," जति धेरै कारोबार, त्यति धेरै Return," where you can receive an additional 5% return up to Rs. 30 on your first transaction, 7.5% return up to Rs. 50 on your second transaction, and 10% return up to Rs. 100 on your third transaction.


For example: 

Suppose you are doing the transaction for the first time. In that case, you will get the as-usual return + 5% extra return up to Rs. 30. Similarly, you will get a usual return in the second and third transactions + an extra 7% up to Rs 50 and 10% return up to 100, respectively.


This offer primarily targets new customers who haven't yet verified their KYC, although if you did so months ago but haven't made a transaction, you are still a legitimate customer. This offer is only valid till 31/05/2079.

Note: Your KYC must be verified; it would not be valid if you completed the transaction without doing so. And you will get the return after 48 hr of the transaction.


MyPay has continuously brought new offers, especially for customers who have verified the KYC. 


Verify your KYC in simple steps.


Step 1: Download MyPay App

Step 1: Register MyPay App by filling in your personal details

Step 3: Click on Verify KYC

Step 4: Fill in your personal details 

Step 5: Upload the proper documents.