Existing Offers

MyPay Exciting Offers

Electronic payment service provider MyPay has come into operation. MyPay has been launched with an ambitious plan to change the definition of a wallet in the Nepali market.

MyPay is the only digital service that offers cashback of up to 28%. We currently have four main offers running, i.e:

We now have a 25% cashback offer on the first transaction. To get the money returned, you must first update your KYC.

Another offer we have is a 3% cashback on top-ups and a 2% cashback on all data package purchases.

We provide 2% cashback on TV and Internet bill payments, respectively.

Furthermore, Mypay offers bank transfers for only Re. 1 and We offer credit card payments without charge.

On each flight booking, you'll get the highest cashback.

In recent days, while Nepalis are being attracted to digital technology, Smart Card Nepal Pvt. Ltd. has launched MyPay Wallet. According to the company, the wallet claims to be more innovative and better than the current payment service providers in the market.

Recently, the public's interest in digital payments has skyrocketed in Nepal. The Coronavirus epidemic over the past two years has also increased the appeal of digital payments.