The MyPay team has worked hard to set itself apart from the competitors. We don't simply work for profit here; we also work for social issues since I believe that perseverance pays dividends. After years of serious effort, we are finally beginning to move toward establishing a strong digital experience. It's not like I haven't seen failure before. Yes, I've been disappointed many times, but each time I rise with the determination that "I'm never alone; I have a team to look after." We have formed a beautiful family with even better bonding because we live in a very homey environment. All newcomers are cordially welcomed and given equal opportunities for advancement. 

Manoj K. Mehta


Masters in Economics, currently working in digital marketing, brand building and business development with 6+ years of experience across several organizations.

Roshan Sigdel
Business & Marketing Manager

Engineering graduate with Masters in IT, technology proficient, self-starter with 16+ years’ experience in working across various domains.

Rupesh Pradhan

Masters of Business Administration, 9+ years of experience in Human Resources and Administration across several renowned organizations.

Pratima Bajracharya
HR - Admin